For 12 years, I struggled with feeling confident in my body and around food. Today, I am proud to say that I love my body, have a healthy relationship with food, and am a Speaker, Writer, and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. 


Overcoming negative body image

When I was 24, I decided I wanted to be at peace with my body. A war had been raging on inside of me over what I ate, how I felt about myself, and the way I looked. I was tired of it. I always felt like I was missing something. What was the secret to loving my body and feeling good in my own skin? I wanted to know how I could truly be healthy, not just in my body but in the way that I saw my body. I wanted to end the battle of trying to make my body "perfect". So I called a truce with myself. My war on body image was finally over.

From counting every calorie I ate, to binging, purging, and starving myself, I obsessed over food and what I looked like since I was 12 years old. I tried restricting, calorie counting, discipline, deprivation and dieting. I exercised a lot. No matter how skinny I became, I still felt fat. I even went to fat camp when I was in high school. I was the skinniest person there, weighing in at 115 lbs. All of the fat girls were shocked when I showed up on the first day. The counselors had no idea why I was there.

I felt guilty about eating a salad that day, while they were smuggling candy bars into their rooms at night.

One girl told me I could fit my entire body into one of her pant legs. I wore a size 0. I learned the basics of nutrition and exercise there, which empowered me to make healthier choices. But even after camp, I continued to allow food to evoke so much anxiety in me that I was never able to enjoy eating without feeling guilty about it. I still thought I was "fat". Controlling what I ate was my way of rewarding or punishing myself. Soon enough I came to the point of absolutely hating myself for who I was. I believed that I didn't deserve to eat because of what I saw when I looked in the mirror.

When I learned how to love and accept myself, I healed my relationship with food. My entire world changed.

I had always loved cooking and being creative in the kitchen. As I got older I developed a passion for Nutrition. I realized that food had been controlling my life, and I finally gained my power back through a LOT of work - specifically through extreme self love and mindful eating. Once I healed my relationship with myself and my body, I healed my relationship with food. Miracles began to unfold. I really started to own my presence and respect myself. I found the courage to pursue my dream career, travel the world, develop beautiful relationships, enjoy the food I ate, and most importantly, love myself.

I want to share with others that they are not alone. It is possible to have healthy relationships with yourself, your body, and food. Through my laser-focused coaching, speaking, and workshops, I help others heal their relationship with food and create positive, a loving body image. My philosophy is not about what you eat, it's about how you eat. Taking a look at how you eat can tell you a lot about your relationship with your body and yourself.


It starts with you. Changing the way you look at what is possible for you, your body image, and your health can change your whole world.

In my Coaching, Speaking, and Workshops, I inspire others to make healthier decisions, be more confident in their bodies, and embrace who they are.

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